Why Choose Credit Reversal Guru?

We are Credit Reversal Guru, an elite credit restoration software company with 60 years of combined experience in the field of credit education, software development, and support.

Create a challenge with a few clicks

  • No Credit Reports to read or understand
  • Easy uploading of secured verification documents
  • Just push the send button and your clients are on their restoration way!
  • 24/7 Access for clients to view their credit reports and results from your business portal
  • Your credit restoration business has never been easier
  • No experience needed…the software handles the operation for you!
  • Ongoing blogs for credit education
  • Allow access to our financial education library
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Reverse, not remove negative items

CRG is the only company that has the software intelligence to help reverse negative tradelines to ‘paid as agreed zero balance.’ Make no mistake, this will change the industry! Credit reversing is a new concept that only focuses on the FICO scoring system while considering the following factors:

  • Factor #1: By reversing negative trade lines to ‘paid as agreed,’ this increases the credit score by 35%.
  • Factor #2: By zeroing out the negative balance, this increases the credit score by 30%.
  • Factor #3: We strive to keep the account and not delete it, this reveals established history, worth 15% of the credit score.
  • "Did you know, that 10% of your credit worthiness stems from "types of credit" The experts at CRG has a proven formula
    that targets 90% of FICO's formula, this 90% is amongst the most critical and essential part of your credit rating.
    Now do you see why we are the GURUS of credit restoration
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Our job at Credit Reversal Guru is to offer an elite credit management and reporting software solution to assist in maximizing FICO scores. Let it be known that FICO and FICO alone controls 98% of the bank’s decision for all types of loans.

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If you are new to the credit repair industry, our turnkey system makes it easy to launch your business in a matter of minutes! If you are a veteran to the industry, our software will streamline your daily process allowing you more time to focus on growing your business!
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